Your Business on the go through Mobile Technology

Easy and convenient Point-of-Sale solutions that enable you do business anywhere, everywhere.

Improve Sales and boost productivity

Our point of sales solutions are designed to offer you the tools needed to streamline your business. We deploy simple, yet powerful solutions for retailers looking to quickly and easily sell in-store, as well as businesses and service providers looking to automate their sales pipeline, track field operations, and enable field staff and assigned agents access the information they need to close more deals on the go.

A much better way to sell in store

Reduce checkout time, boost customer confidence and increase accountability. Our powerful POS solution enables you manage your business more efficiently. Plus, seamless QuickBooks integration simplifies accounting.

  • Staff Management

    Monitor staff's sales and track cash register usage/adjustments throughout the day via unique Personal Identification Numbers (PIN)

  • Integrated Hardware

    Support for everything you need at the checkout, including barcode scanners, cash register and receipt printer.

  • Inventory Management

    Track inventory, receivings, and suppliers with detailed, up-to-date information.

  • Powerful Reporting

    Track product or order-specific sales, as well as payments and customer information in real time.

Take your store to the next level

Sell on the go with built-in support for mobile devices and wireless hardware needed by businesses on the move. Suitable for road sales, trade shows, or even additional sales outlets as needed.

Your business, mobile!

Integrated mobile POS devices (receipt printers, card readers) enable you close more sales on the go, and keep your customers happy.

Single setup. Multiple locations.

Secure networking technology allows you manage your store and track all sales at each sales outlet from a single location.

Give your customers the freedom they desire

We give you the freedom to accept any form of payment.

  • Multiple Payment Methods

    Accept payments via cash, Mobile Money, and all major credit/debit cards.

  • Flexibile Payments

    Record partial payments or deposits, as well as split tenders between two or more payment types.

  • Easily record payments from a variety of methods

    Associate sales with any type of payment you want - cash, credit, gift card - whatever.

Easy. Accessible. Convenient

Our POS solution offers seamless mobile transactions to enable you automate and streamline field operations, and boost customer confidence.

A combination of mobile phones/tablets, POS devices (card readers, mobile printers) and wireless networking technology enables mobile agents securely access corporate data remotely in order to provide the most convenient banking experience for your customers.

Our mobile POS solution can interface with our Microbanking software suite or be deployed as a stand alone solution that simplifies management of field transactions to boost customer confidence.

A happy customer is a loyal customer

Offer your customers convenience and style to ensure repeat business

  • Seamless payment management

    Mobile bankers and agents can easily record and issue receipts for payments collected from customers.

  • Transparent transactions

    Customers receive real-time SMS notifications containing payment details for each payment made.

  • Effortlessly generate new business on the go

    Secure connection to the corporate network allows agents look up customer information, record payments for services, create new customer accounts on the fly and more.

POS designed to match your business

Reduce human errors, lower costs and improve customer experience using our flexible Restaurant POS.

  • Table Reservation Management

    Effectively monitor tables that are being waited on and track payment transactions in process.

  • Menu Management

    Quickly and easily create and save different menu items based on specific preferences.

  • Inventory Management

    Robust inventory management enables you monitor inventory levels and ingredients to eliminate waste, theft and discrepancies in stock.

  • Advanced Reporting

    360 degree view of your restaurant via daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual sales and accounting reports.

Automate your core business functions

  • Billing management

    Manage billing operations, including: settlements (cash, cheque, debit/credit card, loyalty/rewards ...), and payment transactions.

  • Multi Location

    Create multiple stores/branches/outlets and manage them all from a central location using our centralized management system.

  • Payroll Management

    Built-in payroll management module enables you track and manage all the staff/employee time & attendance, pay slips, and schedule leaves.

  • 3rd Party Integration

    Powerful integration modules enable you export data to QuickBooks or Tally, and seamlessly integrate with 3rd party payment processors and POS peripherals (fingerprint reader, printers ...)

Keep your customers smiling

Improved process management results in more efficient service delivery

  • Speed up serving time

    Integrated Kitchen module improves the communication between the front staff and the kitchen staff to provide real-time information of all the orders taking place.

  • Multiple order types

    Choose from dine in, delivery, room service and take away, making it easier for the staff to track the order type and simplifying billing process.

  • SMS alerts

    Quickly and easily notify customers of services offered at your establishment and keep management up-to-date with daily reports and updates.

Seamless. Accurate. Reliable

Our ticket broker POS solution simplifies the process of selling and managing tickets. Powerful inventory and management tools help you increase sales and decrease workload.

Organizations such as sports betting, lottery and municipal authorities who regularly issue tickets can leverage our powerful soltuion to automate and effectively manage ticket creation and distribution.

  • Built in Autohold

    Double sales protection ensures you don't have to worry about selling the same tickets twice when operating multiple outlets or devices.

  • Invoices & Purchase Orders

    Create invoices and purchase orders in seconds and instantly export as PDFs or send directly to your customers.

  • Hardware Support

    Integrated support for POS peripherals such as printers and card readers enables sales agent dispense tickets faster.

  • Advanced Reporting

    Back office enables you track issued tickets and sales across all sales points.

Streamline field activity and increase sales

Mobilize your workforce with easy communication, empower your office with field monitoring capabilities and engage your customers to ensure lasting relationships.

  • Mobilize your sales team

    Access job and customer information in the field, receive new job alerts, fill out digital forms and reports, and capture photos and signatures.

  • Improve service management

    Easily manage job and customer information, generate and view custom reports and alerts, and track field sales activity.

  • Enhance product management

    Monitor stock availability and order status, and access up-to-date pricing and product information in real time.

  • Automate Communication

    Sales team can receive instant SMS alerts for product and price changes, and confirmations for successful deliveries or completed jobs.

Leap ahead of the competition

  • Job Automation

    Simplify job distribution to field workers by sending work order, estimate and customer details directly to their mobile devices.

  • Seamless Management

    Manage your customer records and track job history, along with scheduling and dispatching jobs.

  • Synchronized Information

    Product catalogue and inventory empowers your sales team with product and up-to-the-minute stock availability information.

  • Powerful Integration

    Sync products, customers, and invoices with the most popular accounting software, QuickBooks.

Impress your customers and grow

All you need to engage customers to ensure repeat business

  • Secure Customer Portal

    Allows customers access job history, download photos and documents, approve estimates and make payments.

  • Electronic Signatures

    Lessen the burden on your customers by enabling them sign documents on the go without being physically present at the office.

  • SMS Notifications

    Quickly and easily send appointment reminders, job summary reports, estimates, and other information to customers in real time.