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Does Darrel Technologies Support what I need?

Important Notice: This page doesn't mean that we install these programs for free. Some programs on this list are already on the server or can be installed for free, but some of these programs require installation or administrative fees. Feel welcome to email about a specific program and possible additional fees. (The best place to find what comes with the plan is to check that section of our website, instead of the knowledge base.)


Yes = Compatible.
No = Not compatible.
WIN = Only compatible with a Microsoft Windows server.
LINUX = Only compatible with a Linux server.
TIX = A D-Tech agent must enable this for you. Please, email or contact us via live chat.


Service Shared/Reseller Dedicated/VPS
3rd Party cPanel Skins No Yes
Ad Server No Yes
Adspy Sites No No
Ajax Yes Yes
Alias files , aliases Yes Yes
aMember Pro Yes Yes
Apache 2 LINUX Yes
Apache Flex No Yes
Apple , iWeb , Mac Mail Yes Yes
APS Valult , Application Vault (included) WIN WIN
ASP Classic / Active Server Pages (included)
(VBScript and JScript supported)
ASP.Net 1.1 (ASPX) (available only with Server 2003) No WIN
ASP.NET 2.0 and 3.5 (ASPX) (included) WIN WIN
ASP.Net 4.0 (ASPX) (included with new plans / Server 2008) WIN WIN
ASP.Net Trust Level WIN
aspell , pspell Yes Yes
Autolearn , autossh No Yes
AWstats (included) Yes Yes
AWstats includes TIX Yes
browscap , browscap.ini No Yes
C, C++, GCC, C Compiler No Yes
C# , C sharp WIN WIN
Cake CakePHP Yes Yes
Clam AV No TIX
CentOS 5 (included) LINUX LINUX
CGExtensions Yes Yes
Clip Share / File Sharing No Yes
Code signing No Yes
Cold Fusion , coldfusion
(You purchase installation and License)
Please email for a quote.
No Yes
Colo, Colocation Services No No
Compressed Files (.rar* .zip .tar.gz .bz2) Yes Yes
concrete5 Yes Yes
cPanel LINUX Yes
cPanel Pro No Yes
CRE Loaded Sites Yes Yes
CRE Loader
(Not Included, but you can install it)
Yes Yes
Cron jobs (included) Yes Yes
Crypt SSLeay TIX Yes
CS-Cart Yes Yes
cURL, libcurl, PHP/CURL (included) TIX Yes
Cyberduck FTP Yes Yes
DBI Module Yes Yes
Delavo Yes Yes
dimdim No Yes
disabling PHP open_base dir Yes Yes
Django (shared requires fastcgi) Yes Yes
dl() function No Yes
DLL , Dynamic-link library WIN WIN
Dolphin 7
(You provide installation and License)
No Yes
Ray, Orca, & older Dolphin versions ( Yes Yes
DotNet, dot net, .net WIN WIN
DotNetNuke WIN WIN
Drupal (included) Yes Yes
Dundas No WIN
e107 Yes Yes
eAccelerator No No
eGroupWare Yes Yes
elgg Yes Yes
emacs , vi (requires SSH) Yes Yes
Email Piping Yes Yes
ExpressionEngine Yes Yes
Fantastico De Luxe (Linux shared hosting comes with Installatron, which offers a 1-click installer. VPS and dedicated users can request this for their server.) No LINUX
fastCGI Yes Yes
FFmpeg - No Yes
Flash FLV
(Browsers must have MacroMedia Flash Player Installed)
Yes Yes
Flash Media Server FMS No Yes
Flash remoting using AMFPHP Yes Yes
Flv2tool - No Yes
formail Yes Yes
formmail Yes Yes
fopen Yes Yes
FreeBSD , Debian , Ubuntu (all at your own risk) No LINUX
FrontPage extensions
(included on shared and Linux dedicated; available on Windows Server 2008 R1 upon request)
Yes Yes
fsockopen Yes Yes
FXP No Yes
Game Server , gaming No Yes
GCD Google Cash Detective No No
GD2 Library (included) Yes Yes
Ghostscript Yes Yes
Git client Yes Yes
Git server No Yes
gnome / kde (You provide installation) No Yes
GnuPG Yes Yes
Google Adsense & Adwords Yes Yes
Google Apps & Email Yes Yes
GZip Yes Yes
HIPAA compliance No No
HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) Yes Yes
HTTP Digest Authentication No Yes
HTTP keep-alive Yes Yes
HTTP streaming (audio/video) Yes Yes
If-Modified-Since HTTP header Yes Yes
ihtml No Yes
ImageMagick , Image Magick (included) Yes Yes
IMAP Yes Yes
imap_open Yes Yes
innoDB Yes Yes
ionCube Loader , decoder Yes Yes
IPsec No VPS = No
Dedi = Yes
Java, Tomcat, .jsp No Yes
JavaServer Faces (JSF) No Yes
javascript , JSON , JSE Yes Yes
Joomla (included) Yes LINUX
JRE , JVM No Yes
Kayako Yes Yes
LAME MP3 Encoder - No Yes
Latex (but we do not support the binary) Yes Yes
LDAP, openldap No Yes
lib_curl Yes Yes
Libogg + Libvorbis - No Yes
Live streaming , web cam , radio , tv broadcast No Yes
Load Balancing No TIX
lynx TIX Yes
Magento Yes Yes
Mail - Exim Yes Yes
Mail - any other MTA (postfix) No Yes
(Level 5 VPS or higher)
No Yes
Microsoft Access WIN WIN
Microsoft Exchange (no longer Requires AD) No WIN
Microsoft SQL Server / MSSQL (included) WIN WIN
Microsoft SQL Server SQLSRV driver for PHP (included) (allows PHP to connect to MS SQL.) WIN WIN
Midnight Commander , MC No Yes
MING PHP Module No Yes
Miva empresa No Yes
mod_deflate , mod_gzip Yes Yes
mod_layout No Yes
mod_mime Yes Yes
mod_pagespeed No Yes
mod_perl, mod_python, mod_sql_auth, mod_ruby No Yes
mod_rewrite, mod_speling
(must enable in .htaccess)
Yes Yes
mod_security, mod_sec TIX Yes
mokoala Yes Yes
MongoDB No Yes
Mono No Yes
Moodle Yes Yes
mpeg2enc TIX TIX
Mplayer + MEncoder - No Yes
MVC (for ASP.NET) - FTP option WIN WIN
MVC (for ASP.NET) - Publish option No WIN
MySQL 5 (included) Yes Yes
MySQLi Yes Yes
MySQL Clustering No Yes
nginx No TIX
NNTP / Usenet No Yes
nulled scripts (forbidden per our TOS) No No
NuSphere PhpExpress No Yes
Online Chat Program Yes Yes
Opcode caching modules , XCache , php APC
(might be possible on a VPS 5+)
No VPS =
Dedi = Yes
openSSL Yes Yes
Oracle (Oracle is not recommended for VPS plans.) No Yes
paFileDB No No
ParaChat No Yes
Payment Gateway / Merchant Provider Yes Yes
PCI Compliance (included) Yes Yes
PCRE Perl Compatible Regular Expressions Yes Yes
PDFlib (requires commercial license) No Yes
PDFtk No Yes
PDO or pdo_mysql Yes Yes
PEAR modules - full list Yes Yes
PennyWize No Yes
Perl 5 , Python 2 , CGI , CPAN (all included) Yes Yes
PHP 5 (included) Yes Yes
php iconv Yes Yes
PHP and PECL modules - full list Yes Yes
PHP shell_exec LINUX Yes
PHP tokenizer Yes Yes
PHPArcadeScript , phpas Yes Yes
phpFox, php fox Yes Yes
phpmotion, php motion No Yes
PHP Multibyte String Yes Yes
phpMyAdmin (included) Yes Yes
Pinemail / Pine Mail No Yes
Plesk WIN Yes
podcast Yes Yes
POP3 (included) Yes Yes
PostgreSQL, Informix, Sybase Solid, Generic ODBC No Yes
postini Yes Yes
PrestaShop Yes Yes
procmail Yes No
Proxy Server, Socket Server, SOCKS 4, 4a, &5 No No
Push Button Cash Site No No
Push Email No No
QuickBooks No WIN
QuickInstall (included) LINUX LINUX
Rapid Leech, rapidshare No Yes
Red5 No Yes
Remote Desktop , RDP No WIN
RHEL Red Hat Enterprise Linux No LINUX
RoR / Ruby on Rails (included) Yes Yes
Round Robin DNS No Yes
RSS Feeds Yes Yes
rsync Yes Yes
Safe Harbor Certified (included) Yes Yes
SCP , SFTP Yes Yes
sem_get No No
Sendgrid SMTP
(Sending email via Sendgrid's SMTP servers via script) (Note: Sendgrid's Web API may work on shared & reseller, but is untested at this time.)
No Yes
Server Clock Adjustments
(other than Central Standard Time CST & Central Daylight Saving CDT)
No Yes
Server Redundancy No No
session_gc, probability, divisor, maxlifetime No Yes
SetupTools Yes Yes
shared SSL Yes No
sharepoint , share point server (requires license) No WIN
Shopping Carts Yes Yes
shtml , SSI , server side includes (all included) Yes Yes
ShoutCast , Icecast No Yes
SimpleXML Yes Yes
Site Builder by Parallels Plesk (included per request) Yes Yes
Site Studio , SiteStudio (no longer available, but existing accounts still work.) Yes Yes
Smarter Bundle, SmarterBundle (included) No WIN
Smarter Mail , SmarterMail (included) WIN WIN
Smarty Yes Yes
SMF Forum Boards Yes Yes
SMS Gateway , MMS No No
SMTP (included) Yes Yes
SOAP php Yes Yes
Softaculous No Yes
SourceGuardian decoder Yes Yes
SoX Yes Yes
SpamAssassin , spamd Yes Yes
SQLite Yes Yes
SRV record , Service Record Yes Yes
SSH2 (included) Yes Yes
SSH Tunnel No Yes
SSL Wrapper stunnel No WIN
streaming Flash No Yes
Subversion SVN Client Yes Yes
SVN / CVS Repository No Yes
SWFTOOLS , swf tools No Yes
Tom Cat No Yes
tmpfs (configuration requires bill for admin time) No Yes
Trac , TracInstall No Yes
Urchin Stats (please include your root pw in the ticket) No Yes
vBulletin Yes Yes
vBSEO No Yes
Vidscript No Yes
Virtual Machine vmware No Yes
Visual Basic Development WIN WIN
Visual Studio WIN WIN
VirtualEnv LINUX Yes
VNC (You provide installation) No Yes
Voice Servers (TeamSpeak / Ventrillo) No Yes
Dedi = Yes
vTiger CRM , sugar CRM
(You provide installation and License)
Yes Yes
WAP Yes Yes
Webalizer (included) Yes Yes
Webdav Class 1 LINUX Yes
Webdisk Class 1 LINUX Yes
WebMail Access: Horde, SquirrelMail, RoundCube (all included) Yes Yes
Wiki ( MediaWiki , PhpWiki , TWiki ) Yes Yes
wildcard SSL , multi-domain SSL Yes Yes
Windows Server 2008 R2 (included)
(R1 available upon request)
Windows Server 2003 No No
Woopra Yes Yes
WordPress (included) Yes Yes
WordPress MU Yes Yes
WSGI , mod_wsgi No Yes
X Windows No No
XAMPP (Linux already has LAMP, so this shouldn't be needed. Windows dedi can install this for yourself.) No Yes
xdebug No Yes
Xen No Yes
XML , xml-rpc Yes Yes
XMPP (You provide installation) No Yes
Xoops Yes Yes
XSitePro ( Yes Yes
xslt Yes Yes
XSSI (extended server side includes) No Yes
Yamdi No Yes
Yum No Yes
Zend Core No Yes
Zend Framework No Yes
Zend Optimizer Yes Yes
zip_open Yes Yes
zlib compression Library Yes Yes
Zope / Plone No Yes
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