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SSL Requires a Dedicated IP Address

A private SSL certificate requires its own dedicated IP address. The price of a dedicated IP address is GHS 3.50 per month. When ordering an SSL certificate, a dedicated IP address will be added to your account automatically unless it already has one.

Changing to a Dedicated IP Address Requires Time to Propagate

When switching to a dedicated IP, the IP address of your website will change, and the DNS will subsequently need to propagate (update) worldwide, which requires approximately 4 to 8 hours.

This means that some visitors will be able to view your website at the new IP address immediately, while others will not be able to see it for up to 8 hours after the change to a dedicated IP address. Planning ahead can minimize the impact. For example, we don't recommend switching to a dedicated IP address when you are in the middle of a promotion or advertising campaign.

Only One SSL certificate per cPanel Account

On all of our accounts that utilize cPanel (such as shared, reseller, certain VPS accounts & Linux dedicated hosting), there is a technical limitation of one SSL certificate and one dedicated IP per cPanel. If you would like to have more than one SSL certificate (for a different domain or subdomain), you will need to create another cPanel account. If you have a shared account, this can be accomplished by adding another shared account or by upgrading to a reseller, VPS or dedicated plan. If you already have a reseller plan, VPS with cPanel, or Linux dedicated server, you can create a new account in WHM for the domain in question.

More Than One Secured Domain Per Certificate Allowed

Although there is a limit to the number of SSL Certificates per individual cPanel, it is possible to have more than one secured domain name or subdomain incorporated into a single SSL Certificate. This is achieved by purchasing a wildcard SSL certificate, Although more expensive than a regular, single-domain private SSL, you are able to have all the secured domains and subdomains within a single account. They all can share the same dedicated IP address, which saves both the cost of maintaining separate accounts and purchasing more than one dedicated IP.

SSL Certificates Are Issued on an Annual Basis

SSL Certificates are usually purchased with a 1-year expiration date, although multi-year SSL certificates are also available. Before a certificate expires, you will need to purchase a new SSL certificate with a new expiration date.


Despite sometimes being referred to as renewing an SSL certificate, technically you are purchasing a new certificate with a new expiration date. Although typically we are able to process SSL Certificate orders within 24 hours, due to the potentiality for complications, we recommend that you purchase a new SSL certificate at least one week prior to the expiration of your current SSL certificate.

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