Are there any limitations to a shared hosting account

Shared hosting is the preferred choice for many users, owing mainly to the costs of a VPS or dedicated server. However, the very nature of shared hosting accounts means that server resources are "shared" by other users on the server.

All websites hosted on Darrel Technologies' Shared Web Hosting servers are actively monitored, to ensure that they do not impact the performance of other websites hosted on the same server.

Some of the parameters that websites are monitored for, are:

  • Number of concurrent/simultaneous connections a website can make to the server,

  • CPU utilization in terms of a percentage of what is set aside for websites hosted on the server,

  • Memory utilization in terms of a percentage of what is set aside for websites hosted on the server,

  • Number of concurrent/simultaneous processes a user can run on the server,

  • Number of concurrent/simultaneous Database connections a website can make,

  • Number of queries that can be run on a Database in an hour's span.


If your website exceeds the above the CPU or Memory resource limits, we recommend ugprading your site to a VPS or Dedicated server, as your website(s) requires more resources than is available in a shared environment.

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