Our Datacenter

highly available and secure datacenter for your IT infrastructure

Our Datacenter

Last updated: November 02, 2020

Darrel Technologies maintains and operates a private, carrier neutral datacenter in a secure premises located in Bomso, Kumasi, Ghana. Our facility offers redundant clean power, physical and network security, cooling infrastructure, multiple internet connections, 24×7 monitoring, and remote technical support.


We enforce and utilize standard security protocols and best practices to safeguard the vital IT infrastructure housed in our facility:

  1. Physical security
    Our datacenter is setup in a private facility cordoned off by a gate and walled fence with barbed wire across all points. We also have a security outpost which is manned by trained security personnel 24×7.
  2. Access security
    Multiple levels of access security including bio-metric access control, CCTV cameras and metal detector scanning. Only authorized personnel with approved credentials are allowed entry, and all our employees have undergone a thorough background check before being hired.
  3. Fire security
    We’ve put in place several measures to protect and mitigate against fire outbreaks, including physically separated power room, smoke detectors and fire suppression systems.
  4. Network security
    We implement hardware firewalls at the network layer, as well as software firewalls at the OS layer to provide security for systems hosted in our datacenter. Additionally, our system administrators are happy to assist with configuring firewalls and setting up relevant security rules for customers’ servers, if required.


We make great effort to ensure the reliability of all services we offer at our datacenter:

  • Redundant power — backup generator with secondary diesel tank, ensuring 48 hour runtime at full load without the need for a refill.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems
  • Clean power through AVR units
  • Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and electricity feeds to the racks
  • Precision cooling system ensures the appropriate environmental conditions

Our service is backed by stringent Service Level Agreement (SLA) which provides a contractual guarantee of availability, and clear penalty clauses resulting in credits in case of disruptions of service.


Our staff are highly trained and experienced professionals in the web hosting and IT industry in general and we have, over the years, built a reputation for fast response times. Our datacenter staff provides round the clock support – we have at least 1 qualified technician on site at all times. Additionally, our on-premise staff quarters ensures that a senior technician will be available if required, even after normal working hours.

Economies of scale

Our datacenter enables you scale your infrastructure without without the associated high cost of investment, maintenance and human resources.