Your Business on the go through Technology

Easy and convenient Point-of-Sale solutions that enable you do business anywhere, everywhere.

Improve Sales and boost productivity

D-Tech's next generation business automation solution gives you everything you need to streamline your business, automate your sales pipeline, improve sales operations, and close more deals on the go.

Intuitive Point of Sale for your business

Our cloud point of sale software is fast and easy to use, and works on just about any mobile and desktop device with a modern web browser.

  • Inventory Mangagement

    Track inventory and receivings, and take proper stock of your inventory so you're always up-to-date with products you have in stock.

  • Seamless Checkout

    Create sales and issue receipts and professional invoices in minutes to simplify checkout process and reduce customer wait time.

  • Expense management

    Record and track all business expenditure and know how much you're spending.

  • Integrated Messaging

    Powerful tools to connect and engage stakeholders using either email or SMS.

  • Employee Management

    Unlimited users and user privilege management. Define roles, access restrictions and stay on top with activity logs.

  • Customer Profile

    Maintain customer data, track sales/revenue generated for each customer, view customer activity, transactions, and receivables.

  • Integrated Hardware

    Our PoS Software offers support for everything you need at the checkout, including receipt printer and cash register.

  • Powerful Analytics

    Generate insightful reports including: item / date specific sales, income statement, payments and expenditure in real time.

Take your business to the next level

Sell on the go with built-in support for mobile devices and wireless hardware needed by businesses on the move. Suitable for road sales, trade shows, or even additional sales outlets as needed.

Single setup. Multiple locations.

Secure networking technology allows you manage your store and track all sales at each sales outlet from a single location.

Your business, mobile!

Integrated mobile POS devices (receipt printers, card readers, etc) enable you close more sales on the go, and keep your customers happy (** Addon).

Give your customers the freedom they desire

We give you the freedom to accept any form of payment.

  • Multiple Payment Methods

    Accept payments via cash and Mobile Money (all major credit or debit cards coming soon).

  • Flexibile Payments

    Record partial payments or deposits, as well as split tenders between two or more payment types.

  • Easily record payments from a variety of methods

    Associate sales with any type of payment you want - cash, credit, gift card - whatever.