SMS and You, harmonized!

Robust A2P messaging platform for all your SMS Messaging needs. Send single SMS, bulk SMS, and personalized SMS from as low as 0.3¢ (Cents) per SMS.

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Engage users and drive growth using the power of SMS

Whether you're a business looking to send critical information, notifications or mobile marketing campaigns; or a developer looking to SMS-enable your apps, we've got the perfect solution for you. Our SMS platform enables you send SMS, manage contacts and campaigns, and run powerful reports that show you how SMS is performing for your business. A robust messaging API enables developers interface with our platform to send SMS.

High Performing Messaging you can rely on

Engage, commit, and grow your business with SMS.

D-Tech offers you powerful tools that enable your business leverage the effective communication medium of SMS for measurable growth.

  • Simplified user interface

    Web-based messaging platform enables you send SMS quickly and easily.

  • Robust messaging solution

    Send or schedule single, bulk, and personalized SMS messages.

  • You are in control

    Integrated campaign and contacts management tools ensure your SMS messaging is as it should be - effortless!

  • Stay on top of things

    Advanced reporting makes growing your business through SMS straightforward and effortless.

Seamless Integration ... we are Devs too :)

D-Tech simplifies the task of integrating SMS into your existing core systems and applications. Secure API access to our A2P Messaging platform enables you effortlessly send SMS to and from your apps.

Reliable API to quickly SMS-enable your websites and apps. Clear and concise documentation with straightfoward examples and helper libraries to help you easily get started in your favorite programming language.

Our SMS platform's robust architecture delivers consistent millisecond response with the ability to serve tens of thousands of transactions per second. This presents you with a sophisticated platform for your mission-critical messaging.


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Endless possiblities, multiple opportunities ...

  • Notifications

  • Marketing

  • Confirmation

  • Reminders

  • Monitoring

  • Notifications
  • Marketing
  • Confirmation
  • Reminders
  • Monitoring
SMS Notifications

SMS receives a higher level of attention and retention. Automating communications ensures that important notifications are delivered quickly and directly to the individual.

"Your account balance is low. Please add funds to your account to prevent orders getting stuck."

SMS Marketing

SMS offers a low-cost and effective tool for connecting with and engaging existing contacts, enabling you send messages to large database of mobile numbers within minutes. Integrate SMS into your communication and marketing strategy to communicate offers and promotions, strengthen your loyalty program, drive traffic online, and heighten engagement.

"Our end of year flash sales are on. Buy one and get one free from now till the end of December."

SMS Confirmation

Increase customer satisfaction by sending instant confirmation of transactions or purchases, account details, and other important information directly to a customer's mobile device.

"Your payment of GH¢ 50 has been recieved."

SMS Reminders

Automating SMS reminders is an effective and inexpensive way to reduce your payment collection days and enhance business processes. friendly reminders that payment is due

"Your service payment is due. Please pay as soon as possible to avoid service interruption."

SMS Monitoring

For critical infrastructure and processes that need to be constantly monitored for errors and performance issues, real time and remote monitoring can free up resources from behind a desk, contributing to increased efficiencies and reduced costs.

"The health status of server A has changed from Green to Yellow"