FTP Settings and Connections

The following FTP information can be found in the welcome email we send after you pay for your new hosting account. Your FTP username and password are the same as your login credentials for cPanel.

  • FTP Host/Address: (site IP address or domain name)
  • FTP User: (cPanel/FTP username)
  • FTP Password: (cPanel/FTP password)
  • Port: 22
  • Path/directory: (blank*)

*Leave this field blank, unless you want to automatically load a particular subfolder in FTP. For example, you may want to automatically load the public_html folder if you have cPanel or httpdocs if you have Plesk. See below for more information on important folders.

Note: These are general instructions for all FTP programs. While these directions will work for most FTP programs, they do not all operate exactly the same.

For example, some FTP programs will work if you leave the port number empty, while others require that you enter port 22. Just be aware that each program handles the input slightly differently or requires it to be entered a certain way.

Directory Information

Though document roots are usually defaulted for some FTP clients, it is helpful to know where to begin the file path. Please see the applicable section below based on whether you are using cPanel or Plesk.


Be sure to upload all files and folders to the public_html directory. All CGI scripts should be uploaded into the cgi-bin directory.


Upload files and directories that should be accessible through HTTP protocol to the httpdocs directory. Files that should be transferred securely over SSL protocol belong in the httpsdocs directory.

Connection Issues

The maximum number of connections from one IP is 8. If you are seeing an error stating that there are too many connections, please check to see if you are connected by another device. If not, try closing out your FTP program completely.

FTP Troubleshooting Tips

If you are experiencing trouble connecting to your FTP program, please be sure to try the following:
  • Toggle your computer's (or your FTP program's) firewall
  • If your FTP program has a "Passive Mode," try toggling it off and on
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