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From task automation, to process management and refinement. We provide seamless tools to help you refine and streamline your business processes using Technology.

  • sERP - school management software for Ghana

    The all-in-one school management and automation solution for basic and senior high schools in Ghana that provides everything you need to simplify and automate routine tasks. From students and academics, to HR, finance and analytics, sERP presents a comprehensive school ERP solution at an amazingly flexible price point.

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  • EasyBill - Point of sale and business automation software for Ghana

    EasyBill is a business automation solution for SME and retail businesses that combines next-generation PoS features with CRM, Sales and Billing management. Designed to streamline activities and enable you do business absolutely anywhere utilizing the power of the Cloud.

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  • *789*87#

    Secure school fees collection solution, in conjuction with our school management and automation platform - sERP, designed to simplify school fees payment, management and reconciliation, in order to fully streamline your institution's financial process, enabling you focus on your core mandate.

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  • Enterprise Messaging

    From banking and finance, to insurance, media, hospitality, education and government; our enterprise solutions offer powerful and flexible tools to boost productivity and improve customer engagement.

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