How to Publish Using Web Deploy with Plesk Control Panel?

1. Log in to Plesk Control Panel

2. Click “Hosting Setting” and then tick “Web Deploy Publishing” (this should be activated if on shared hosting)

Plesk web deploy

3. Download required file by clicking on “Web Deploy Publishing Setting”

4. Login to your Visual Studio application and open your publishing project. Right-click this project within the left-side “Solution Explorer” menu and click on “Publish” option in this drop-down list

Plesk web deploy

5. From the "Profile" tab, import the publish profile file you downloaded in step. Next, click the "Connections" tab and choose the “Web Deploy” method here. 

Given that you’ve imported a publish profile in the last step, the rest of the setting fields will be filled in automatically as below. If not, you would have to input the following details:

Server URL– is where to deploy your application to a hosting provider, the IIS on a local computer or internal server.

Site Name – is where to fill in the name of your IIS web site and application, such as and

User Name & Password – is where to enter your credentials for an account so as to grant authority to perform certain deployment tasks.

Once done all those settings, simply click this “Validate Connection” button to get connected to a server. If there is a “Certificate Error” pop-up, you will need to check whether or not the publishing URL is correct.

6. In the next “Settings” tab, you should choose the “Release” publish method in the drop-down “Configuration” list. Beware that, the “Debug” method can be chosen only if you want to deploy to a test environment. Besides that, you also need to define the “File Publish” Options. Each option is quite self-explanatory, and you can check the correspondent box as you like.

7. Once you have completed above steps, then you can preview your settings again and then you can publish your files. It takes a while to accomplish the whole publishing process, and you can check whether deployment is successful in the “Output” window of Visual Studio. Alternatively, you can choose to go back to the Plesk Control Panel and navigate to “File Manager” > “YourSiteURL.”

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